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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ask Away... & then Go Check your Blood Pressure!

So, since I started this blog to kind of let people into my crazy life, I figured I should let you guys ask questions. Seriously, I realize people can’t help but be curious about certain areas of my life. Believe me, when I’m out somewhere and see someone with some type of disability, I still get curious myself. It’s just human nature. I actually wish more people would just ask me questions instead of staring at me like I’m so kind of freak. I remember being at Target one day (this was right after I 1st got sick) & I had on a short sleeved shirt. Now, a lot of people don’t realize what Meningococcal does to a persons skin. Basically, my arms look like they were burned… like, REALLY burned. My left arm isn’t too bad but my right arm is covered in skin grafts. Anyway, this little kid at Target came up to me & wanted to know what had happened. I was about to start telling him when all of a sudden his mother came up and yanked him away. I realize she thought maybe he’d upset me by flat out asking me something like that, but it made me feel like shit when she did that. It’s so much better for you to explain these types of things to your kids than it is to scare them. They need to grow up realizing that not everyone is the same and that not everyone is lucky enough to be as healthy as they are. SO, if any of you have questions you’d like for me to answer on here, just message them to me. As long as they aren’t stupid or obnoxious, I’ll do my best to answer them at some point.
I’m feeling a bit better today than I have in about a week. For whatever reason my blood pressure is being good today. It’s what “normal”v blood pressure should run. I’m having to check it several times a day still. There have been a few days where it’s started to go back up, and on those days I take one of my meds to get it back down. Then, there have been several days where it’s been too low. Obviously, it’s not a good idea to take my blood pressure meds on those days. When it’s too low, I feel HORRIBLE. (not that I feel too hot when it’s high) I get extremely light headed and it takes everything I have to stay awake. Over the weekend it was pretty low and all I did was sleep. No amount of caffeine can keep me up when it gets low. Thank God my job only requires me to work a few days each month! It’s not easy to hold down a regular 9-5 job when you’re disabled. You have to have a VERY understanding boss and be able to take a ton of sick days!

So, be sure to message me your questions! I have a ton of free time as my next speaking engagement is a few weeks away! As I said above, please don’t send any rude or obnoxious questions… but at the same time, don’t feel hesitant to send me a really good question b/c you feel like you’re being too nosey! It’s time for me to go throw back a few pills and check my blood pressure. VERY exciting stuff!!

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