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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Wanna be a Brit... Just for a Bit!

I have become SO obsessed w/ London/the UK over the last couple of years. I just have a STRONG desire to visit. And of course, after THE wedding a couple of months ago, I want to visit even more. My stepdad's mother was British & we actually have some family there so I'm determined to talk my parents into taking a vacation to the UK one day. Stuart (my stepdad) has said he'd like to go but for whatever reason, my mom says she has no desire to visit. WTF?? How is that even possible? I've actually convinced myself that I was born in the wrong country b/c everything about the British culture just SCREAMS my name. So, in no particular order, here are some of the things about the UK I'm obsessed with!

Matt Hale aka Aqualung



    All hail, QUEEN!
  • THE MUSIC!!!! ~ Oh my God, do they have some of the most amazing bands of all time or what? Anytime people ask me about the music I have downloaded on my mp3 player I just tell them I listen to a ton of English bands. I'd love to go over there & catch a concert. Some of my absolute favorite music acts include: Oasis, Muse, The Who, Phil Collins (with & w/out Genesis), Bat for Lashes, Florence & the Machine, Queen & Aqualung. I seriously get so sad that Freddie Mercury is no longer around b/c I'd pay a lot of money to see Queen in Concert. I pretty much feel the same about Phil Collins & Genesis. I don't want Phil to be retired b/c I need him to tour again either as a solo act or w/ Genesis!

The boys of Muse

    Florence Welch of Florence & the Machine
    Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes


    I'm actually surprised they still have these. I know you don't see many here in America b/c everyone has a cell phone!
  • Phone booths & buses ~ I know it's silly but what can I say? I think they're adorable! Everyone tells me that I went to NYC so I've seen a double decker bus & once you've seen one you've seen em all! Um, NO! I need to see a cute, RED, double decker bus!
    I'm sure the Queen would let me drop in for a visit!
  • Buckingham Palace ~ Nuff said!! I just want to see it. I'm convinced I'll see a member of the royal family walking the lawns & they'll see me & invite me in for tea... which brings me to:

  • Tea ~ I love tea!! Of course, being a girl who grew up in the South, my favorite kind is sweet tea BUT still, I like all kinds of tea. I'd love to enjoy a cute cup of tea everywhere I dined at & with every meal.

London Eye during the daytime.

    The London Eye ~ I'd love to enjoy a scenic ride on one of the world's tallest ferris wheels. On a clear day, you can see 25 miles out. AND it takes 30 minutes to make a full rotation on it so it'd be a nice half hour ride. Wonder if I could bring a cup of tea on with me?
    How beautiful does the London Eye look at night... esp. at Christmas
  • Boots Drugstore ~ This place carries just about every brand of cosmetics & beauty products under the sun. They carry one of my favorite lines, Soap & Glory, which up until last year was available at Target but they had some kind of falling out & Soap & Glory pulled their products off Target's shelves.
    Soap & Glory has awesome packaging & such clever product names. Here we have:
    L- Clean on Me (my personal fave!); Middle- Clean, Girls; R- Calm One, Calm All
    Wembley Stadium
  • Wembley Stadium ~ Who wouldn't want to see a concert here? Some of the most famous concerts of all time took place here. Queen sold the place out every single time they performed. Live Aid took place here, the Freddie Mercury tribute concert took place here, the concert to honor Princess Di took place here... the list goes on.

Westminster Abbey

  • Westminster Abbey ~ This is one of the most beautiful buildings, inside & out, I've ever seen pictures of. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it is in person. Some pretty famous events took place here. Princess Di's funeral & some wedding earlier this year between a couple named William & Katherine or something like that. Never heard of em! =)

    Prince William & Princess Katherine
  • Will & Kate ~ Of course I know who William & Kate are! I have a mild obsession with Princess Kate. She's so beautiful but not in an over the top kind of way. She's got the "girl next door" vibe going on... even though she is a freaking princess! I love seeing what she wears to all of the events she attends.

Will & Kate

It's a bit hard to see but this was the little top hat I wore to my Halloween party in 2008. I loved the veil. And those are fangs, my teeth aren't actually pointed.

  • Hats ~ I could wear fun hats when I go out! I love how these over the top hats are just part of getting dressed up in England. How fun! I'm ready for the hat thing to catch on over here. I seriously want to help get it started. One of the main reasons I look forward to Halloween each year is b/c I always try to find a costume that has one of those cute, little, mini top hats to go w/ it. I did it the last 2 years so hopefully I'll get lucky again this year.

I actually have this hat. This one was for my Halloween costume last year...  I just remembered I was sick & didn't get to wear it last year. Looking forward to wearing it this Halloween!

    Um, live in Notting Hill AND have a hot pink door? YES, PLEASE!
    Crescent Row
  • Crescent Row & Notting Hill ~ I'd just love to walk around these adorable neighborhoods & check out all of the houses. I know these aren't cheap neighborhoods so I realize I'd never in a million years be able to afford living there but it's always fun to imagine. Plus, these neighborhoods are full of cute boutiques to go shopping in. Fun fact: Benefit Cosmetics has a perfume line called Crescent Row. Each of the perfumes (in a bottle shaped like a mini martini shaker) comes in its own little house (the box it's in) & the more of the perfumes in the line you have, the larger your own mini Crescent Row neighborhood gets. I only have 2 but they still look adorable next to each other.

The 2 levels of Benefit Cosmetic's Crescent Row Apartments.

    The outside of Liberty of London

    • Liberty of London ~ I just know I'd go crazy if I ever got the chance to go shopping here. When they did their line for Target last year, I went crazy. I was at the store the 1st day the line came out & I got so much stuff. I just love all of the bright floral patterns they use. Plus, all of the bright colors are SO cheerful & happy.


    Temperley dress
    • Temperley of London ~ Now I do realize I probably couldn't afford any of her stuff but I'd still like to browse one of her boutiques. I love how so much of her stuff has an ethereal, almost Alice in Wonderland type feel to it. Plus, I know Princess Katherine has been seen wearing some of  Temperley's stuff. She's (Alice not Kate) another designer who did a line for Target a year or 2 ago & as w/ the Liberty Line, I bought several things.

    Another dress by Alice Temperley.

    West End
    •  West End ~ I want to wear my trench coat & make a day of it in the West End. I've always loved the Pet Shop Boy's, "West End Girls", & by doing this, I could be one of those girls for a day! I'd definitely try to catch a play while there since the West End area is like the Broadway area in NYC.



    I've heard that visiting the London area is EXTREMELY expensive so I'd probably have to settle for a hotel in one of the nearby cities. Plus, there's no way I'd try to get used to driving on the "wrong" side of the car while there so I'd have to pay for a taxi everywhere I went... & I'm sure that would end up costing quite a bit! But, somehow, I'm determined to get over there! I can just picture myself walking around on a cool, overcast day. Maybe one day I'll meet a rich man who can take me there. For now, I'm going to keep working on getting my mom to want to visit. My stepdad's already on board so maybe with enough coaxing, she'll decide that visiting London does sound amazing!! =) 

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