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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I’m in Love! Benefit’s Total Moisture Facial Cream

I figured since I do plan on going to school to become an aesthetician & because I’m OBSESSED w/ skincare, I’m allowed to start handing out “advice”.  I’ve been lucky w/ my skin all my life. I never had to deal with acne aside from a “monthly” pimple. (ALWAYS in the exact same spot) However, from 9th grade up until about 2 or 3 years ago, I had a SLIGHT addiction to the tanning bed. A little scare with skin cancer put an end to that. Now, I know a lot of those tanning lotions you get in salons say they have anti-aging components in them and all but believe me, if you’re using them in a tanning bed, you’re gonna get wrinkles!! My neck now has those lovely “necklaces” on them. It’s horrible!! So, now, I spend a ton of money on anti-aging face and eye creams trying to undo even a little of the damage I did from all of those years going tanning. I use 2 different moisturizers but the one I use at night has become my favorite. It’s from Benefit Cosmetic’s new skin care line, b.right! . They’ve really done an amazing job w/ all the products in this line! Their moisturizer is called, Total Moisture Facial Cream. It’s rich but it hasn’t caused me to breakout anywhere. Sometimes the really rich moisturizers cause my skin to get a few of those really painful “underground pimples”. The moisturizer contains what they call theirtriple radiance complex”. The complex does 3 things:  1) Captures water on the skin’s surface 2) Maintains the water on the surface 3) Develops the skin’s reserve of water. The cream is recommended for dry-normal skin & has a slight fragrance of cucumber to it. (it also is mixed w/ a slight floral fragrance but all I smell is the cucumber, which I like) It’ll cost you approximately $40 but b/c it is so concentrated, a little goes a REALLY long way. (not to mention the jar is pretty big!) I’ve been using mine for a little over a month now & it’s barely put a dent in it. Like all of Benefit’s products, their skincare line comes in super cute packaging. The bottle is real glass (made to look like sea glass) and the top looks like it’s made of cork. I would definitely recommend this stuff! (unless you have really oily skin) My skin feels so smooth since I’ve been using this and I am really enjoying this entire line. I look forward to putting this stuff on every night before bed. I’ve got my mom using this stuff now too and she has pretty sensitive skin, so, this should be okay to use if your skin runs on the sensitive side. If you’re interested in buying this, Ulta & Sephora both carry the line. Some places also have Benefit boutiques but unfortunately, we don’t have one in Memphis. The closest I know of is in Nashville. You can also get on the web site, www.benefitcosmetics.com and place an online order. I’ve ordered from the site several times and it always comes wrapped up in the cutest paper. Plus, they always include samples of some of their best selling products!


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  2. I've been looking for a new moisturizer.. Thanks for the tip!


  3. I LOVE Benefit cosmetics!! Your blog is cute too!