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Audrey Hepburn: Beauty, Class & a Kind Heart

Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Type of Man

     So, even though I love men of all color, shapes and sizes, I've discovered that I DEFINITELY have developed a liking for a particular type. I seem to be all about the dorky, adorable, intellectual kinda guys. Mainly, the taller/leaner ones. I like a little bit of definition in the arms & chest but I just can't stand the guys who have the bodybuilder look to them. They always seem to have really teeny heads and it doesn't match up w/ the ginormous arms. EWW! Don't confuse the bodybuilder look w/ someone who goes to the gym regularly. Believe me, I'll take Shemar Moore ANY DAMN DAY! (He has muscles but he doesn't look like his entire life revolves around lifting weights. Just want to clarify the difference!) Another quality I seem to find appealing w/ these type of guys is that a lot of them seem to be a bit "artsy" or at least enjoy the arts! I'm not exactly artsy but I used to be a dancer & I do love performing arts and art museums! I probably don't look like it but I am more of a free-spirited, liberal kinda chick. I'm not big into organized religion & I don't like people telling me what it is & isn't proper for me, as a woman, to do. It's not exactly easy to meet people w/ the same way of thinking in the area I live in.
     I don't know why I've developed a certain love/lust for this type of guy. I've never actually dated one. (perhaps I'm tired of dating idiots & have become smarter?) My 2 high school sweethearts were both athletes and my most recent ex played football when he was in high school. While only one was really an idiot, the other 2 weren't exactly the studious, nerdy type. The idiot of the group used to complain about being bored, CONSTANTLY, & anytime I'd mention that he should try reading, it was like I'd just told him to go to the doctor and get checked for testicular cancer! It was not sexy to me that he didn't like reading, didn't know much about politics, & didn't know much about current events. (I once asked him to tell me the name of the V.P. & he couldn't!) If you think I'm just being mean & making it sound worse than it was, the boy once informed me that, "You CAN'T get skin cancer from a tanning bed b/c it's not real sun! DUH!". He looked at me like I was the moron when he told me that too!!
     With all of the traveling I do both for work & for pleasure, I've noticed this "type" of guy is easier to find in some cities than in others. Where I live, they seem to be an endangered species. Perhaps I need to quit hanging in the "burbs" so much. Still, where does a girl go to find herself an "adorkable" kinda guy? (for the record, I did NOT coin that term, I saw it in People StyleWatch) Any suggestions? Feel free to comment & let me know, especially if you're from the Memphis area! I was actually thinking the University of Memphis area would be good but I don't want a b/f who's 21! Plus, that's where I met the most recent ex although, he was not attending the U of M! (see comment in 2nd paragraph!)
     Okay, if you still can't exactly picture the type of guy I'm talking about, don't you worry! Believe me, Lindsey does have a list of Hot "Adorkable" Celebs!! So, w/out further ado, here's the list:

OH MY!! (I wanted to make this picture bigger but when I do, my blog page cuts part of it off. If you can't read the quote in the picture it says, "When I'm 90, I'll still be like, "What would Kurt Cobain wear?". In my eyes he was the essence of cool."")

  • Matthew Gray Gubler (my personal NUMERO UNO!)~ This one shouldn't come as a shock. My favorite show is Criminal Minds! MGG definitely helped start this... want/longing/desire/need, for me! Dr. Reid is w/out a doubt my favorite CM's character. Smart = SEXY in my book. My crush on him become a bit more serious last season when he debuted the new haircut. Love it shorter and I REALLY love those curls. Precious! He has his own website that he runs (it's kind of a blog, I guess) & I love reading it from time to time. He has a personality that many people would probably see as "strange" or "weird" but to me, it only makes him more attractive. I love people who aren't afraid to be themselves & I love when people have that personality type that only certain people really get! (although, if "being yourself" involves you being psycho, stuck up, an alcoholic, crackhead or an asshole, that cancels out the whole "cute" thing) I can't remember the name or address of his web page but I'm sure if you Google his name along w/ "official", it will bring it up. Another thing I like about the page is that he'll often post pictures of the CM's cast on set. My mom & I are both huge fans of the show & she won't watch it w/ me b/c anytime he comes on screen, I turn into a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert! Okay, maybe not that bad, but I do usually make a few remarks about him (and Shemar Moore... hell, all of the guys on that show are pretty damn good looking) per episode! I've met Britney Spears twice, once when I was 19 & once when I was 20. Both times were at the height of my Britney phase. Both times, I remained very composed & didn't make an ass of myself. I don't think I would be that way around this one. I'm hoping the certain person I know who has met him doesn't read this b/c I know she will be shaking her head & thinking I'm a moron if she does!

As Dr. Spencer Reid

No offense to any of the guys who've ever been in my Jeep but none of them ever looked this damn hot while sitting next to me. (although one did come close ;))

    This picture was actually in one of my Vogue issues. It's now torn out & in a little frame on my desk! Mom has Johnny Depp in her work room, I have MGG!

  •  Jackson Rathbone~ Yes, Twilight is all about Edward & Jacob (as far as the guys) but Jasper won my heart over! Especially once he was brought to life on the big screen by Rathbone. I'm also a bit partial towards him b/c he did an amazing job when he played a guest role on... what else but Criminal Minds! In all of the interviews I've seen & read on him, he's even more quirky than Jasper. I love it! He's got the quiet/mysterious thing going on too & for me, that's another sexy quality!

Such beautiful eyes!

  • David Hyde Pierce~ I LOVE Frasier. Dr. Niles Crane is my personal favorite character on the show. I'm gonna say that DHP is definitely the "nerdiest" on the list! I don't care that he doesn't exactly go for my "type" (aka women) in real life. He's so cute! And a great actor!! I'm really wanting to see the movie, The Perfect Host. Anyone seen it?

  • Patrick J. Adams~ I am just discovering him b/c of his role on the show Suits. (great show, comes on USA) His eyes alone were the main thing to catch my attention. He literally plays a genius on the show. He may not be that way in person but I choose to believe he is!

I'm a blue eyed girl who happens to be a TOTAL sucker for a gorgeous pair of blue eyes! (I also really love light green eyes)

  • Matt Hales~ He's better known to most people as Aqualung. Aqualung is one of my absolute favorites when it comes to music. Hales is magic on the piano! A lot of musicians are really smart. (though, not all!) His voice is like butter to me! He writes beautiful songs! What more do I need to say? If you want to check out any of Aqualung's music, my personal favorite song (one of my all time favorites songs, period!) is "Pressure Suit". Gorgeous!!

  • Jeff Goldblum~ Some people have laughed at me for thinking he's sexy. I personally don't see how any female (& in some cases men) can NOT find him adorably sexy. The first time I REALLY noticed his hotness was during the summer Independence Day came out. I don't remember how old I was but I know I was still in elementary school. At the very end of the movie, after he & Will Smith "save the day" & are walking on the runway of the airport w/ their little air force jumpsuits on... it was all over! From that point on, I was a big Jeff fan. Even though I LOVE Vincent D'Onofrio & for me, he was irreplaceable on Law&Order: CI, I really ended up liking the season (or 2?) Goldblum was on the show. (although thank God, D'Onofrio came back for the final season!) I don't know exactly what it is about Jeff that I find so damn sexy. He just puts off that vibe! And he's one of those guys who keeps getting better looking the older he gets.

  • Lou Taylor Pucci~ This one & Matt Hales are definitely going to be the lesser known on the list. I 1st discovered Pucci in the movie, The Insiders, based on the book by Bret Easton Ellis. If you love all things 1980s, you'll probably love this movie! Pucci is well known in the indie film industry & in my opinion, he's one of the best actors from that whole genre. My absolute favorite movie he's done is, The Go Getter. It also stars Zooey Deschanel who is just cute beyond words! Pucci gained quite a bit of praise & recognition for his role as the main character in The Thumbsucker. (w/ Vincent D'Onofrio) If you have a Netflix account, search his name & check out some of the movies he's done. He's quite a good actor... & he's pretty cute too.

I'm sure I left off a couple of other guys but for me, these are the main ones. If you or anyone you know has most of the same qualities these gentlemen possess, please, let them know that I am taking applications!! =)


  1. In the urban and "hip" neighborhoods in Seattle they can be found lurking in independent coffee shops.

  2. Yep - you've got some winners there! Sweeet! I have this weird "thing" for the singer Mika. Check him out! :-)

  3. Duuuude, you just managed to score two of my favorite men! Jackson Rathbone and Matthew Gray Gubler! Jackson is by far my favorite, but Matthew is more my type. What can I say, I like them skinny and smart! :)