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Audrey Hepburn: Beauty, Class & a Kind Heart

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ONE Childhood Crush is STILL on my "Crush List"

 "It's like you think you are safe or something cause you can just walk away anytime, cause you don't need her - you don't need anyone. But the thing you didn't realize is, you're wrong."~ Jordan Catalano

     Before I get into the details of this crush, I should inform you that this is a celebrity crush, not a "someone I know in real life" crush! At the innocent age of 12, I discovered Jared Leto. Of course, at the time, I didn't know him by his real name, I knew him as the DREAMY & very mysterious Jordan Catalano on "My So Called Life". I've had MANY celeb crushes since I was a teeny girl. Just to name a few: George Michael (while he was w/ Wham!; my 1st celeb crush), Leo DiCaprio, Jonathan Taylor Thomas (aka JTT), Tom Cruise (pre crazy Scientology Tom), Kevin Costner (HUGE fan of The Bodyguard), Brad Renfro (RIP), Jason Priestly (aka Brandon Walsh), I'm sure I'm leaving off 2 or 3 people but those are the most memorable of the celeb crushes. Although a few of these guys are still cute, in my eyes, none of them really have that certain "je ne sais quoi" that really does it for me anymore! Obviously Leo is still extremely attractive & bless his heart, that film career of his seems to have just done nothing for him. (sarcasm!!) Leo's w/out a doubt extremely talented & yes, he's handsome, but for me, he's just never been as hot as he was when he did Romeo & Juliet. I guess I've made my point, so let's move on!

Jared as Jordan Catalano
     Ahhh, Jared Leto! Can the man possibly be any freaking hotter? And how in the Hell is he hotter now at almost FORTY than he was when he was 23? The man is beautiful. Period! Those eyes... DAMN! I would like to thank God for making men like this! Since "My So Called Life" ended, although he has had a pretty successful acting career, he's never become as famous for another role like he was for playing Jordan. He had some great supporting roles in movies like, "American Psycho", "Panic Room", & "Fight Club" and he was so heartbreakingly amazing as the role of Harry in the almost too much to watch, "Requiem for a Dream"! If ever he did become as known for a role as he was Jordan, the role of Harry would be it. I seriously think schools should be required to show "Requiem for a Dream" as a "Just Say No" (to the hard drugs) movie. It definitely does the job!!

Holy Jordan Catalano! Tell me he's not hotter now than he was in the 90s!!?

     Of course, now, most of the "kids" know Leto as the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars. I've known of them since they first started getting popular & I've liked that song "The Kill" since the first time I've heard it but until recently, I haven't really counted myself as a fan of the band. A couple of months back I was bored so I was just kind of searching through different artists on Rhapsody and I came across the bands page. I decided to listen to some of their stuff & I was definitely impressed. Jared has a really great voice. He's not just another actor who thinks he should also have a music career on the side. No, he's the real deal. You can tell that he's obviously very passionate about the band's music. I have to admit, for some reason I've been embarrassed to admit to being a fan of 30 Seconds to Mars. Don't really know why! I can admit to having a serious love for Phil Collins, no problem, but w/ 30 Seconds, I've been kind of in the closet. Well, I guess I'll consider this as my official coming out.
     In a way, I guess I'm not too surprised that Jared's still on the crush list. He doesn't just play characters that are a bit dark & mysterious, he seems to be that way in real life too. And again, those gorgeous blue eyes!! So amazing! I'm hoping he continues making music & acting for many more years b/c I look forward to seeing him age. He's totally going to be like Johnny Depp & continue to get better w/ age... just like a very fine, very expensive, imported wine! =)

                                30 Seconds to Mars- The Kill

                     30 Seconds to Mars- Kings & Queens


  1. My longterm crush has always been Will Smith. I've been in love with him since I was 7 years old watching Fresh Prince. =)

  2. He's another one who has gotten better w/ age! I never thought of him as hot until I saw Independece Day & Bad Boys! I didn't start "appreciating" the beauty of different races until I got into my teens. Then, I discovered Omar Epps & Taye Diggs & it was OVER! Now, I have a thing for Shemar Moore.

  3. And did you notice I did more than one huge paragraph w/ this post?? =)