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Monday, May 30, 2011

Before 2012 Goals

Believe it or not, 2011 is already halfway over with! I swear, the older I get, the faster life just flies by. It's seriously scary!! I'm not one of those people who makes a whole list of resolutions each year, but there are always things I want to see myself accomplish each year. Hopefully, everyone feels that way b/c if not, you're probably doing something wrong! I've yet to meet a perfect person although, sadly, I do know some people who seem to think they are. Anyway, since my brain is kind of blank today (more so than usual) & b/c I don't have a great blog topic ready, I decided I'd list the things I want to see happen before the year ends. I figured if I made the list out & then actually published it for everyone else to see, I'd be more likely to hold myself to doing all, or at least most, of the things listed. Here goes:

  1. Beauty School~ I need to get enrolled in beauty school so I can licensed in aesthetics!! I've been planning on this for a few months now & I have researched schools in the area. I need to go tour some of them & then figure out how in the Hell I'm going to put myself through since unlike with a state run school, the government will not pay for me to go to beauty school! (If you're permanently disabled & want to go to college, the government will pay for your school if you go to a state run college.)
  2. Lose some more weight~ I've managed to lose a little over 5 lbs. (hey, better than gaining 5 lbs.) in the last couple of months & I haven't done much to do it. All I've done is quit eating fast food every single week. I know, SHOCKER! Who would've thought fast food could make you gain weight? To be honest, it sucked the 1st month or so but now, I hardly ever crave it. Usually, once a month I crave french fries (ladies, most of you know what I'm talking about), but if I eat it more than that, it makes my stomach upset.
  3. Pilates~ I have to start doing Pilates on a regular basis again. I used to do Pilates a few times a week but I've really been slacking the past couple of years. (Yes, that is correct. Years, not months!) I really don't know why I've been lazy about it b/c Pilates always relaxes me & I always feel better once I've done it. I've thankfully managed to stay really limber the last 10 years & I know Pilates has played a big role in that. It's a low impact workout that many people with limited mobility can do. It focuses on your core muscles & if you're in a physical situation similar to mine, those core muscles REALLY need to stay strong!
  4. Cardio~ I need to figure out some type of physical activity I can do that challenges my cardio system. Because of my prosthesis, I can't go on long walks & I definitely can't go jogging. I never liked running before I had prosthesis so I sure don't want to take it up now! Plus, if I decided to take up running, I'd have to go have a special pair of "legs" made just for that! I'd go for a bike ride but my right leg makes it kind of hard for me to do it. I came extremely close to losing my R leg above the knee & because of where they did end up amputating it, I have a bone that made it pretty hard for me to be fitted for a prosthetic on that leg. The bone rubs against the inside of the prosthetic & that's not good. You start putting yourself at risk for blisters which can lead to infections! Plus, it hurts! I've thought about taking my wheelchair & driving up to one of the parks that has a nice walking path. The only problem with that is that it's Summer. There's no way I can role myself for a mile or 2 miles in 90-100 degree heat. I get heat rash as it is! I could do it the rest of the year but not during Summer! The gym my family belongs to is just a small one & there's no indoor trail. I need to come up with some creative way to start getting some cardio in! If you have a suggestion, please, feel free to comment!!! Oh, & the gym my family goes to doesn't have a pool but even if it did, I am not secure enough to use a public pool! So, rule that option out unless you have a pool in your backyard that you want to let me use.
  5. Fruits & Veggies~ I get a couple of servings of fruits & vegetables every single day but I need to eat more. I'm really picky about vegetables but I like most fruits. My problem is, I don't just really crave them throughout the day. I need to make myself start eating them more often & get myself to a point that I do crave them more.
  6. FRESH Foods~ The only chips I eat are Baked Lays or Baked Doritos. The only cookies I eat are those 100 calorie pack servings. I LOVE Lean Cuisine's Southwestern Eggroles. Obviously, as long as I stick to the suggested serving size of these foods, they aren't high in calories or fat. What they are all high in though is sodium!! I need to quit taking the easy route and going for the processed foods. They all have just way too much sodium in them & I need to lower my sodium intake. I'm off of my blood pressure meds for now (knock on wood) & I know that lowering the amount of salt I eat could up my chances of staying off of them!
  7. Phone Calls~ I need to get better at making & returning phone calls. Over the past few years, I've developed almost a fear of the phone. I just don't like to talk on it anymore. Maybe I did way too much of it when I was younger. I'm not absolutely sure what the deal is! All I know is that I have got to start doing a better job of  keeping in touch with people I love. If I don't love you, I wouldn't hold my breath for us to have a phone conversation anytime in the near future!
  8. California~ I haven't visited my family in California since Spring of 2006!! That's just ridiculous. I have 2 little brothers who I have got to go see. My 12 year old brother is going to be graduating high school before I know it! I need to go see him before he heads off to college!! My grandmother is in her 80s now & I can't just let time keep flying by without having more visits with her.
  9. Get out~ I have got to force myself into going out & having a social life again! I went out more after I got home from the hospital when I 1st got sick than I do now. Seriously! (I have amazing friends who would come pick me up & take me out a few times a week!) I won't get into details b/c it's personal but something happened a few years back that made me kind of start isolating myself from all of my friends. It only got worse when after I began isolating myself from everyone, one of my absolute dearest friends died from diabetes. Everything started back in 2005 & I've just never managed to get things back to how they were. It only makes it harder that now the majority of my friends are married and/or have kids. Still, many of them get out a few times a month & I need to start joining them. Life is for the living & I majorly need to get out & live!
So, there's my list of things to accomplish before the year ends! I figured with the year half over, I shouldn't make it too long. I hope to accomplish every single thing I've listed! What goals do you want to accomplish by the end of 2011?

I seriously LOVE doing Pilates! I honestly don't know why I've slacked off.

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