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Monday, June 20, 2011

My 2 Dads

Since today was Father's Day, thought I'd talk a bit about both of my dads! There's my "Dad" dad. My mom & he divorced when I was 2 so it's hard to ever imagine them together. Since my mom & dad are both from Memphis, when my mom & he got divorced, Mom moved back to Memphis where a good percent of our family is located while Dad stayed on the West coast. He's either lived in Arizona or California my entire life. While I spent my entire life growing up 1000s of miles away from him, we've always been close. He's been a big part of my life since day one! He used to come back to Memphis at Christmas when my Granddad was still alive and my Grandmother still lived here. I also used to spend my summer vacations with him while I was growing up. I started flying by myself when I was 7 or 8 for that very reason. When I got sick in 2001, as soon as he got the call from my mom telling him how bad my condition was, he was on a flight out here. I can't imagine what that 4 hour flight must have been like for him. He didn't know if I'd even still be alive once he landed in Memphis. During those 3 1/2 months I was in the hospital, he made several trips out here to be with me & to help support Mom and Stu. He caught the 1st flight he could on the day I went into cardiac arrest in 2008. He came to see me for my birthday 4 months later. So, as you can tell, we're close! I'm thankful to have him. Now, there's my stepdad aka Stuatee (it's a long story). I've pretty much known him my entire life. While growing up, he was best friends with one of my mom's younger brothers. He used to come over to my Nana's house to hang out with my uncle and I'd always try to follow him around. When I was 4 or 5, he & my mom started dating. They got married when I was 6. They're still married today. We knocked heads quite a bit when I was in high school, but we've always had a good relationship. I'm his only child and he's always taken care of me like I was his own blood. He still does help take care of me to this day! I know that he never HAD to do any of the things he's done for me, so he's definitely a great guy. I'd have to say I'm a lucky lady to have these 2 dads. They couldn't be any more different as far as their personalities & it cracks me up at times to think of how different they are. No matter the differences, I love them both so much.  Happy Father's Day, Dad & Stuatee... as well as all of the dad's out there.
Stuatee, me & Dad at a fundraiser Mom's work did to help w/ some of my medical bills. I was pretty sick at the time. I actually was in the hospital & had to let them allow me to leave for a few hours to attend this.

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