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Audrey Hepburn: Beauty, Class & a Kind Heart

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dirty Little Secret

I have a confession that I want to make but before I tell you what it is, let me explain some stuff about myself. When it comes to TV shows, I am all about crime & murder! The more twisted the plot, the better! I hate daytime soaps, I hate all these stupid, chick "reality" shows that have to do w/ weddings, wedding planning, having babies, rose ceremonies, etc.! I like watching all of the scary, gory, cop/detective shows. When it comes to music, I'm mainly a rock girl. I LOVE a ton of bands from England! While I do admit to liking Britney Spears, for the most part, I hate bubblegum pop. And I don't even listen to any of the current stuff. I feel like I'm 80 when people start talking about new music stars b/c I don't know most of the people who've come out in the last 3-4 years. However, when it comes to books, I LOVE "chick lit"! That's all I read. Yeah, I've read a lot of the good classics... To Kill a Mockingbird, The Great Gatsby, etc., but a lot of them were required reading for school. There have been a few I've gone back & read again but not many. I really just love to read chick lit. Now, I'm NOT talking the crap my Grandmother reads. I can't seriously read a book that talks about, "throbbing members", "huge pocket rockets" or any of the other obnoxious terms they use to describe erections in the crap she enjoys reading. Those are the harlequin romance novels & I won't even go near those. Those are in the same category as the Lifetime Channel's original movies for me! I guess it's silly to not want people to know about all of my chick books b/c I have a ton of friends who read them. I think a lot of it has to do w/ my mom b/c like me, she watches all the murder & crime shows but unlike me, she reads books about the same stuff. I feel like I should be reading John Grisham & James Patterson, not Candace Bushnell, Sophie Kinsella & Lauren Weisberger! It probably doesn't help that my mom has made fun of me for reading these books! But, what can I say? I love reading about the bonds between female friends & I love reading about relationships that have lots of obstacles to overcome. Speaking of relationships, I also do not read romance novels. As much as I love the movie The Notebook, I don't want to sit down & read about intense relationships. Just doesn't do it for me. It kind of surprised me when I first realized my book selections could all be found in the Female Fiction- Chick Lit section of Barnes & Noble. I am NOT the typical Southern girl... I'm sure a lot of that is b/c I was born in Arizona & spent my summers in California. Liberal feminists are just not the norm where I live. I'm not saying I'm the only one, I'm just saying when it comes to political views, I'm in the minority amongst most of my friends! I've always been one to believe that I don't need a husband, kids & a white picket fence to make my life feel "complete" or that it has meaning. So, I guess I find it a bit odd that a good percentage of the books I read are all about finding Mr. Right! But, my chick lit books always make me laugh & they're always very light-hearted. I always feel like I become friends w/ the main characters while I'm reading these books. It's just nice to escape into a more glamorous, exciting world, especially when my life is filled w/ "fun" stuff like controlling my pain, making sure I take steroids so I can stay alive, keeping my blood pressure under control, keeping up with this months doctor's appointments, etc.! While at Target over the weekend, I picked up one of Sophie Kinsella's books that was written under her alias, Madeleine Wicham. I also bought another book that I hadn't planned on getting but the title, Hope in a Jar, caught my eye because that happens to be the name of my favorite daytime moisturizer. The book is by Beth Harbison who also wrote Shoe Addicts Anonymous. I've never read any of her stuff but the book sounded cute so I figured I'd give her a try. So, there you have it. Lindsey is a big fan of the "chick lit" genre! Don't hold it against me. I promise, my taste in TV shows will NEVER jump over into the chick shows! I'll only cross that line with my reading selections!
The new book I just started reading.

The other new book I bought while at Target the other day. She is one of my favorite authors... no matter which pen name she writes under.


  1. My mom has one but for me, there's just something about having an actual copy of a book. I like how the smell & how they feel. Plus, 1 day, I want a house w/ a study that I can put bookshelves in... & I will PROUDLY display all of my chick lit on the shelves! LOL. Hope you're doing well!!!!

  2. I work with a girl that is like you when it comes to books. She will only buy hard cover books to put on her bookshelf.
    I'm doing good, and I hope you are too. I love reading your blog! I'm thinking about buying a Mia because of you.

  3. I promise, if you but a Mia, you'll love it. Remember how before Bath & Body Works opened in the 90s, nobody really used loofahs to bathe with? Now, I can't imagine not bathing with one. Well, washing your face w/ a Mia will become that sort of sitation. For me, it doesn't feel right to wash my face at night w/out it. I like that the Mia is small enough for me to take on all of my trips that I take w/ my job too. Oh, & about the book thing. It's funny b/c after I posted this, I was reading my new issue of InStyle & there was an article on Colin Farrel (he's SO hot!) and he was saying he didn't want a Kindle b/c he likes the weight & smell of a book. Glad to know I'm not completely alone on that. 1 of my favorite smells is actually the smell of a library! LOL!