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Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday 7/15- Boob Tube Babb

I've noticed a lot of friends take part in this every Friday so thought I'd join the rest of the cool kids. Actually, it's just nice to already have a topic to blog about when you're feeling lazy. I'm not going to do this every single Friday b/c I don't really feel like being a T.V. Guide but for tonight, it'll work. So, here's what I've been watching:

  • The Glades~ So, this is fast becoming one of my favorite shows. It's only the 2nd season of the A&E original show. It's a bit like C.S.I. Miami in that it deals with homicide & it takes place in... Miami! Now, nothing can replace C.S.I. Miami, Horatio & Det. Eric Delko! NOTHING! But, since CSI Miami isn't showing any new episodes until Fall, this definitely is a good temporary replacement. It held me over last Summer & it's doing a good job this Summer. The Glades is a bit less serious than CSI Miami is. There are little touches of humor spread throughout the show. The main character is Det. Jim Longworth played by the VERY beautiful, Matt Passmore. Matt Passmore is one of the few people I find to be just as sexy while talking w/ an American accent as he is when talking with his native Australian accent. (Australian & English accents REALLY get to me!!!) The character of Jim is great b/c he's quick witted & a COMPLETE smartass. (much like myself =)) I love to see Jim & Dr. Carlos Sanchez (played by Carlos Gomez) play off of each other. Most of the more humorous scenes in each episode take place between these 2 characters. If you're a CSI Miami fan & you haven't checked out this show, give it a shot.

Not too shabby, eh?

  • The Closer~ This past Monday was the season premiere of the FINAL season of The Closer. I'm going to be sad to see this one go b/c it's a great show. Kyra Sedgwick is so FAB as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. (the accent alone is enough for me) If you watch this show regularly & haven't yet seen the season premier, scroll ahead so I don't give anything away. In this episode Chief Johnson & her awesome crew investigated the homicide of a rapper, some of his friends & some ladies who happened to be "entertaining" them at the time the murder took place. Blah, blah, blah... all that's good but the best part of this episode was seeing Chief Johnson & crew take on Captain Raydor (Mary McDowell of Dances with Wolves fame) & Chief Delk (Courtney B. Vance of Law&Order fame). The homicide division is in a bit of hot water due to what Chief Johsnon & some of her detectives did to the killer in the last episode of season 6. We're seeing some changes taking place within the homicide division & it looks like Chief Delk is about to replace Chief Pope (J.K. Simmons known for playing the father in Judo & he's in all the new Farmer's Insurance commercials) but then, cut to the very last few minutes of the episode... looks like Chief Delk has had a heart attack or stroke b/c he quits talking mid sentence, grabs his chest & collapses to the floor. Then the show ends! I'd heard that one of the characters was going to die in the very first episode of the season & since no other characters died, it has to be Chief Delk. Plus, when they showed previews for next weeks episode, we see all the characters at a funeral. SO, what does this mean for Chief Johsnon, Chief Polk & the L.A. homicide division? Obviously, there's no way in the world Chief Delk can replace Chief Polk. Will Chief Polk maintain the position he now holds? Looks like the final season of The Closer is going to be full of all sorts of drama! As long as nothing happens to my favorite character, Chief Provenza (the HILARIOUS G.W. Bailey who played great characters in MASH, Police Academy & Felix, the security guard, in one of my favorite 80s movies, Mannequin), I think I can handle this being the last season.

  • Rizzoli & Isles~ Like The Glades, this show is in it's 2nd season. The main reason I caught the first episode of last season was due in large part to Angie Harmon. I loved her on Law&Order and I think she is just gorgeous. Plus, I like her raspy voice. Anyway, I ended up liking that first episode so I ended up watching the entire first season. The last season ended w/ Angie Harmon's character (Det. Rizzoli) & Sasha (LOVE that name ;)) Alexandar's character (Dr. Isles) being held hostage. Det. Rizzoli ended up shooting herself in the stomach (Keanu Reeves taught her well! You know, "Shoot the hostage!", from Speed.) & then the episode ended. Gotta love those cliffhanger season endings! So, anyway, obviously we all knew they weren't going to kill of her character in very first season but still, I was wondering what was going to happen to her for almost a year! In this first episode of season 2, we see Det. Rizzoli being honored at some kind of banquet they have to honor officers. I actually don't feel like typing out everything that happened in this episode (I'm so sweet) so I'll just end the review of this show by saying although not as impressed with season 2's premier as I was season 1's, I still liked it & I'm looking forward to following the rest of the season. I love that Det. Rizzoli & Dr. Isles have been friends since childhood. Having the back story of the 2 main characters makes it a bit more fun to watch. Harmon & Alexander make quite a duo. A hot duo, might I add!

  • White Collar~ Like TNT, USA puts out some really great shows! I only watched a couple of episodes of the last season & I never watched any of the seasons before that but I've been hooked this entire season. This is such a fun show! Matt Bomer makes quite that charming conman (Neal) & he's definitely easy on the eyes. Tim DeKay is great as Neal's polar opposite, Det. Burke. I love seeing what poor Det. Burke will be put through each episode plus, I love that Tiffani Thiessen (aka Kelly Kapowski) plays his wife. The cast of this show is just great all around. Neal's close friend, Mozzie (played by Willie Garson of Sex & the City fame), almost makes the show for me. He's so freaking hilarious! The other character I'm really liking is Sara (played by the beautiful Hilarie Burton). I'm hoping Sara & Neal will stay together for a while b/c I'm loving them together. Definitely a hot couple & Matt and Hilarie have such great chemistry together. I've liked Burton ever since she started on MTV's now extinct TRL (can't have TRL w/out music videos & we know MTV doesn't play those anymore) & I liked her on One Tree Hill so I'm glad to see her holding her own on such a great TV show.

  • So You Think You Can Dance? (SYTYCD)~ For those of you who don't know me personally, one of the things I've been extremely passionate about since I was 4 is dance. I started taking ballet when I was 5 & I did at least one form of dance every year up until the day I got sick. I miss dancing more than anything else about my life pre-meningitis. There are some of episodes of this show that are almost hard for me to watch b/c it makes me emotional. One of the girls who I danced with (& her mom was one of my instructors) was on season 2 which was actually the first season I ever watched. I never saw a single episode of the first season. I'd never even heard of it until Natalie (the one I danced w/) made it to the top 20. Anyway, I don't even know what season we're on now. I think it's 7 or 8. I swear, the dancers get better & better each season. I'm always amazed b/c each season I think that there's no way they can possibly top it the next season & then, boom, they top it! My favorite couple since episode one of this season's top 20 has been Melanie & Marko and that didn't change any this week. I wasn't at all surprised to see Ryan go home b/c she'd been in the bottom quite a few times this season (although I still don't know how she was in the bottom the week they did the David Bowie, "Fashion" routine) & she just didn't do too hot this week. I was surprised to see her partner stay though! I don't even remember his name (Ricky??) but obviously, he'd been in the bottom 3 couples numerous times w/ Ryan. I was glad to see him stay though b/c he's terrific & the guy who did end up going home just wasn't doing it for me. This coming week will be the first week we see each of the top 10 dancers who are left paired up w/ different partners. I really don't want to see Melanie & Marko split up! They are a powerhouse together. One thing I am looking forward to this coming week is the return of the all-stars. So, next week, each dancer will do 2 dances (plus a solo), one with a partner from the top 10 & the other w/ a partner who's an all-star. So glad to see that Allison will be returning as an all-star!!
I ALWAYS watch Criminal Minds reruns (along w/ Golden Girls & Frasier) but I figured I'd only talk about new episodes up above. However, I have to throw in that even though it doesn't debut until September 21st, I am SOOO damn excited for the new season! Even though it's been known to the public since like May or June, I just found out that all of the cast (including Pager Brewster & A.J. Cook) will be returning. I was so upset when Emily (Brewster) left last season! I already had to adjust to J.J. (Cook) leaving & then she left! I didn't know if my heart could handle it! I will admit though that as long as Shemar Moore & Matthew Gray Gubler remain part of the cast, they could freakin' add Elmo to the cast & I'd probably still watch it! Even though my birthday isn't until April, finding out this little bit info. was like a super early birthday present! Between the anticipation for the new season of Criminal Minds & the release of the first Breaking Dawn, I almost can't contain my excitement!!

The gang will ALL be back together, 9/21!

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