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Audrey Hepburn: Beauty, Class & a Kind Heart

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday 7/28/11

Mamacita!! My mom & I have been through more than most mother/daughters! She's been my rock since the day I got sick. Anytime I'm in the hospital, she doesn't leave... not even to go home & get some sleep! I know I would've thrown in the towel & quit fighting for life if I had been on this journey w/out her!!!

Mom & me in front of the Statue of Liberty on our trip to NYC for my 29th.

My meds!~ Namely: Ativan, Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Gabapentin, & Morphine! Ativan keeps me calm so I don't kill anyone; Cymbalta helps w/ both pain & depression; Wellbutrin is again, for depression; Gabapentin, Lyrica & Morphine all help w/ my ridiculously painful Neuropathy/phantom pain. As if you need another reason to get your child or yourself (depending on your age) vaccinated for Meningococcal, be sure to check out the pic below of JUST MY A.M. medications. There are P.M. meds too. And notice I have a "2 story" pillbox!

My morning pills!

Dill Pickles~ My sodium & potassium levels drop from time to time b/c of my adrenal insufficiency. I can ALWAYS tell when it's happening b/c I CRAVE pickles & vinegary liquids like pickle juice &... this is weird, I know... A1 steak sauce! I literally get a spoon out, pour A1 into the spoon & eat/drink it. Nice, huh?

Music~ I can't live without music!! It gets me through any situation & helps me with whatever mood I'm in!
That Summer will be over in about a month & a half!!~ Yep, I hate Summer!! September means:

  • This God awful, Hellish, MISERABLE heat will start to go! Fall temperatures are THE best!!
  • Fall temps. mean FALL CLOTHES!
  • Leaves start to change colors!
  • And my absolute favorite part... KIDS GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!! I personally am NOT good when it comes to screaming children. Or obnxious children! I blame it on being raised as my mom's only child. Seriously though, since I don't work normal 9-5 hours like most people, I like being able to go to Target at noon w/out dealing with out of control kids. Sometimes, I want to smack the parents for letting their kids behave that way in public. And do NOT give me that, "I can't control them!" B.S.! Do you know what my mom used to do to me if I started acting like an idiot in a store? It didn't matter if she had a basket full of groceries. She grabbed my arm, took me out to the car & BEAT MY ASS! Believe me, all it took was one or two times & I learned not to mess w/ Momma while shopping. I am a big believer in spanking! My mom would get the back of my leg right below my butt & it would sting like a mofo. I've spanked a kid or 2 myself & I don't even had kids of my own. (don't worry, the parents of these kids told me to do it if they go out of line!)

1 comment:

  1. My mom's my best friend too. She's had a stroke (which I called 911 for) and been through two bouts of breast cancer - not to mention diabetes - while I have had problems with my menstrual cycle and GI tract. We've been there to support each other the entire time.

    I think that's about the same amount of meds that my mom needs to take, mostly from her stroke and for her diabetes. As good as I am taking pills, I'm not sure I could. So I admire you, dear :)

    I love music too! I hate silence and always have to have music on if the TV can't be on. Upbeat songs always lift my mood :)

    New follower from 20SB.

    ~Sarah the Writer